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Committee Boat News: 6/7/17

Committee Boat Notes: Chicago Beer Can Series

By Genni Kerr

Lake Michigan conditions were not as predicted this evening, in a good way. The forecast for wind and wind speed was accurate (N @ 10 kn), but the actual wave heights weren’t close to the predicted 3’-5’. It’s certain the actual conditions were appreciated by the Committee Boat volunteers.

Harrison -Dever Crib Condition

Motoring to SA-7, settling in for the evening's activity

The Committee Boat platform for this race was courtesy of Captain Rick Stage and Alpha Puppy, a J 35. Rick and his crew (Justin Kalb, Kevin Starr and Steve Krasowski) and the contingent of RC volunteers arrived on station @ SA-7 in plenty of time to set the line for a #1 Course. The length of the line this night was estimated at 500’, which induced close quarter maneuvering in several starts.

The anomaly of a tugboat chugging through the edge of the Race Circle at 6:30 PM, headed south, was unexpected. Had this occurred 45 –minutes later, she would have become a ‘moving obstruction’ for the fleet to manage!

"Anyone know what section she's in and her rating?"

The Roster of Race Committee volunteer for 6-7-2017 reads as follows: Tom Hytry, Olof Anderson, Kathy Pitzaferro, Liz Real, Amanda Mountain, Rihanna Harrison and Alissa Magnatowski. Three was 1 additional volunteer who is unnamed, unintentionally. An attempt will be made next week to be more efficient.

Did anyone threaten the white fender?

Prizes of 12-packs of Lagunitas were distributed to the appropriate number of Section winners in attendance, a ceremony that began at 9:50 PM, an appreciated improvement over the week previous. This is due in large part to the efforts of another Race committee volunteer, Laurie Montplaisir, who loaded the race results from a remote location at light speed.

RC sighting, logging, verifying and sounding a horn at 20:09:40 in the glow of the setting sun

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