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Committee Boat News: 5/31/17

Wave conditions on Lake Michigan for the 1st Beer Can Series Race of 2017 matched the forecast of 1-2 feet. The wind direction and speed didn’t match at all, as the predicted 10-22 knot WNW wind became very light from the SE. Welcome to late May on Lake Michigan!

Data from Harrison-Dever crib

The Flying Spaghetti Monster dockside @ ColYC

The Flying Spaghetti Monster (FSM), skippered by Mitch Wiseman, served as Committee Boat for this inaugural Beer Can Series Race of 2017. This was the 2nd Committee Boat effort by FSM within a 5 day span, the 1st occurred Saturday for the MORF Performance Series race. Mitch Wiseman’s volunteer slots for 2017 have been filled and are appreciated. Mitch was assisted this race by Mitch Brown and Luckasz (last name unknown).

This race was organized, run and scored by as many as 10 Race Committee members onboard FSM, with the following confirmed to be on board:

1. Tom Hytry

2. Olof Anderson

3. Liz Real

4. Susan Tonon

5. Susan Hoffman

6. Kathy Pitzaferro

7. Peter ???

8. (it’s possible 2 or more are not credited for their participation, the omission is not intentional)

What a full RC Beer Can Crew looks like on a 35’ boat. Would the coast guard approve?

The light air conditions at the start and subsequent 45+-minutes led to a decision by the RC to shorten the course by 1 leg, finishing @ #8 instead of SA-7, a distance of 4.11 nm for all sections except the Green Division racers. This decision, well received, allowed the fleet to finish and return to their respective harbors, and clubs, at NOT an ungodly hour. Another tangible component of a good 1st race.

Shortening the course mandated FSM to weigh anchor, move to #8 and reset their anchor…before the 1st finishing boat arrived @ #8. Italics used intentionally to emphasize the importance of timing in this procedure.

63 boats were scored this race and the computer in the ColYC office received a workout, with electrons streaming and colliding, Race Committee members cross referencing notes and data inputs, checking sail numbers against finish times, all in an effort to sort out finish times and corrected finish positions, realizing the aft deck was packed with racers awaiting the results.

These results were delivered to the assembled via a new sound system (which is awesome), Lagunitas prizes handed out and upon completion, the 1st Beer Can Race of 2017 was officially in the books.

There was no recipient this Race of a (new in 2017) ‘In the Nick of Time, Not TLE* Award’, as the entire fleet finished before 2100 hours. *Time Limit Exceeded

The ‘Corrected Time Pairing’ (also new in 2017), defined as the answer to the question “which 2 boats finished closest to each other on corrected time?” This race they were Momentus (Saedi/Yoiusefi) from Spin 1 and Gwiz (Davis) from Spin 2, with a split of 4-seconds, 1:07:25 vs. 1:07:21.

The Committee Boat for the 2nd Beer Can Series race, June 7th, is Alpha Puppy, skippered by Rick Stage

Skyline and sunset, making way to #8 and the Finish Line of Race #1

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